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Picanha (beef rump cap), is a top beef cut in Brazil

The rump cap is the triangular shaped cut of meat that sits on top of the rump. It is not often sold as a separate cut in Australia but is highly prized in Brazil and is just as expensive as eye fillet. Picanha is the darling of every BBQ place in Brazil. It is pronounced 'pea cun ya' with an emphasis on the cun. Picanha is great roasted in the oven or grilled on the BBQ.

5 top tips when cooking picancha in the oven

1. When cooking the meat, keep the fat blanket on. This can be remove when serving.

2. Cover the whole cut with rock salt and remove the excess salt when serving.

3. When slicing the meat for bbq grill, cut each piece around 3-4cms thick.

4. Use no more than Rock Salt for seasoning and be generous, you can scrape before dishing.

5. Medium rare is the way to go. That's picanha at its best.


Non-toxic Oven and BBQ


60 cm Oven Cleaning


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