60cm Oven + Stove top + range hood

60cm Oven + Stove top + range hood

$270.00 Regular Price
$240.00Sale Price
This deal includes the following services provided by Elegance Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning (up to 60cm wide)
Stove top cleaning (up to 4 gas burners)
Range hood cleaning (slide-out or canopy up to 60cm wide)

This deal gives a total credit to spend of $210 in services

Eco-friendly products and harmless to your family

We clean

- All original rack and trays are deep cleaned in our van
- The inside, roof, fan and light cover are cleaned
- Oven door and in between the glass panels
  • Details

    As you will have seen on the video Elegance Oven Cleaning does a deep clean; we lay down floor mats & remove the door. From here we remove all the internal parts and soak them in our tank in the van where they come up brand new. We completely clean the inside of the oven (behind the back wall) with our non-toxic products. We also clean in between the glass of your door and polish the outside.

    Disclaimer -
    Our cleaner are extensively trained and insured but some signs of age might not be removed at the first service depending on the state of the appliance.

    But we will do our best.

    Also, please note that Rubber seals, Hinges are not always covered by our warranty as due to use and age might break during the cleaning process. During the pre cleaning inspection the are able to inform you of any risks and your options.